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On May 15, 2013, Freedom’s What’s Wrong Wednesday reported that some wealthy Manhattan moms had figured out a way to cut the long lines at Disney World – they hired people with disabilities to pose as family members so they and their kids can jump to the front.  Disneyland’s “guest assistance policy” of providing aide to those who require assistance on and off rides will change next month (October, 2013) due to abuse of the program.   The move was in part a response of “disabled tour guides” who charge money, sometimes hundreds of dollars, to accompany able-bodied guests and allow them to avoid long lines.  The park said those who don’t have a disability have been able to get a “guest assistance card” because no proof of disability is required.

Under the new rules, people with disabilities will no longer be able to go straight to the front of lines at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  Under the change, “visitors with special needs will be issued tickets with a return time and a shorter wait similar to the FastPass system that’s offered to everyone.” The change has been compared to making a reservation and boarding at the appointed time.

Staff is currently being trained on the new rules, so stay tuned to What’s Wrong Wednesday for further updates

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