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Joyce has incurable neurofibromatosis (tumors that appear all over her body).  She had a leg amputated because one of tumors on her thigh ended up testing positive for cancer.  Joyce lives her life with constant pain which interfere with work and daily living.  She has been mocked by people because of the multiple tumors she has on all parts of her body, including her face and head.

Joyce loves the Kansas City Royals baseball team, so people who know Joyce and wanted to do something nice for her, started a GoFundMe account to raise monies so they could send Joyce to a Kansas City Royals baseball game.  He friends and co-workers raised $3,700 and she got to experience a “dream come true”.

Joyce is also on Social Security, and Social Security found out about the fundraising efforts and sent Joyce a letter stating that she was going to have to pay Social Security the $3, 700 that was raised to send Joyce to the baseball game.  She has to pay Social Security $170.00 per month until she has paid back the $3,700, even though the GoFundMe account paid for the tickets and expenses.

For the entire story: (The Young Turks, is an online news show that covers politics, pop culture and lifestyles)

Joyce Jeter with Gary Walker, who gave her world series tickets to the Kansas City Royals baseball game, holding the baseball ticket

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