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There are a few problems with this businesses accessible parking spaces.  Accessible parking signs need to be placed in each parking space and centered in front of the accessible parking space so that vehicles know where the accessible parking space is located.  Although the access isles are meet the measurement requirement and are properly striped, although they really should be repainted so they can be seen more clearly, the access isle route is compromised by the riding lawn mowers.  The route from the accessible parking space to the store is also compromised by the riding lawn mowers and the shed, requiring the person using their mobility device to use the vehicle traffic lanes to get to the store.  One more issue with these accessible parking spaces and the store – it happens every spring and summer when the riding lawn movers are displayed.  Accessible parking spaces, access isles, and the route must be free clear of obstructions at all times (ice, snow, shopping carts, trash cans, potted racks, seasonal garden displays, bicycle racks, riding lawn mowers, and other displays and items).


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