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This is probably my favorite burger place, and as you can see there are a number of barriers for individuals who have mobility disabilities: no lower tables, pathway is very narrow (even for individuals who have wheelchairs that have lift mechanisms, there isn’t enough room for the wheelchair).  My wife had hip surgery and we weren’t able to come to this restaurant because she couldn’t sit in the high chairs.  The interesting thing about these restaurants is they have accessible parking and power doors; so you can get in, you just can’t enjoy the facility.  So if you want to enjoy this restaurant, you have to call in your order and have them deliver it to you outside.  The other issue is, what if someone with a physical disability wanted to work at this restaurant, or other restaurants like this?

(image description: a bar with high chairs is on the right side of the picture. High tables with high chairs are on the left side of the picture.  A person is standing in the pathway between the bar and table. There are two televisions on in the upper left hand side of the picture. )










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