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In case you missed this letter to the editor over the weekend, Kim Breimeier’s family attended the Pyrotechnics Guild International finale at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in August and were stopped at the gate because the family had a baggie of peanut butter crackers for their 8-year-old diabetic son. The attendant refused to allow the family in because of the rules about outside food.  Because the Breimeier family went to the event with others, they didn’t feel like they had the choice to leave, so they threw the food away and had to purchase candy later to deal with a low blood sugar. Having to do so resulted in their son battling a roller coaster of blood sugar highs and lows for the rest of the night and feeling quite poorly.

On Nov. 1, Breimeier sent a message to the RRVF Association detailing her concerns and requesting them to change their policy. General Manager Bryan Schulz responded that they put up signs and the Breimeier’s had plenty of warning to not bring outside food. He said if they made an exception, then everyone would bring outside food and vendors wouldn’t make any money.

Fortunately Breimeier did her research and filed an Americans with Disabilities complaint with the Department of Justice.  Previous court rulings have already determined that venues cannot refuse to allow diabetics to bring life-saving food (as well as all diabetic supplies) into venues.

To read the entire letter:

(image description: a slide that says, someone I love has diabetes, support diabetes awareness)

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