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This picture was taken in Fargo, ND.  Fargo’s accessible parking stipulates that all accessible parking spaces “must be marked by blue paint and other approved marking device upon the surface.”  The parking spaces shown in this picture are not accessible parking spaces but are 10 minute parking spaces in front of a speciality store on 13th Avenue South.  The store owner wanted to make sure their parking spaces stuck out so that they would be only used for the 10 minute parking limitation instituted by the business.  This business used to have the lines painted yellow.  They could have repainted the lines lime green or purple or neon orange, but they used accessible parking blue, which can cause confusion because most Fargo resident identify blue parking lines as accessible parking spaces. I suspect they used blue so that people would stop and wonder if this was accessible parking spaces, read the signs, and find out it was 10 minute parking.  Unfortunate use of accessible parking blue paint requirements.

10 minute parking spaces are striped with blue paint

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