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Charlie Beswick, author of “Our Altered Life,” started her Instagram account in February to show life with her twin boys in a real, honest and often amusing way. One of her twins, Harry, has a rare genetic condition called Goldenhar syndrome, which means he was born without an eye, eye socket, nostril or ear, and a short jaw. In August, Instagram removed an image of Harry pictured without his eye prosthesis.

On Twitter, she received overwhelming support from people demanding Instagram give an explanation. In an interview with The Mighty, Beswick said, “After about five hours, Instagram emailed me to say that the image had been removed in error and had now been restored. No explanation. No apology.”

To read the entire article by Ellen StumboThe Mighty

(image description: a female (Charlie) is in-between her two children.  All three are smiling. The child on the right (Harry) shows Harry’s face and he doesn’t have his eye prosthesis in so you can see that something is different with his left eye.)

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