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There are many things wrong with this picture which is located at a Gas station/Subway in our Minnesota service area. Although there is an accessible parking sign, it is near the ground by the front door. Minnesota accessible parking signage must be 48-60 inches above the ground and centered at the head end of the space.  The sign must incorporate the international symbol of access, the maximum fine, and include an Van Accessible sign. The accessible parking also lacks the painted stripping that designates the space as an accessible parking space. The stripping must also include access aisles markings.

(image description: the picture shows the glass front of what appears to be a gas station with three yellow posts and two red posts up against the sidewalk in front of the gas station that stop cars from going any closer to the building. There is an accessible parking sign in-between the two front doors and the sign is located at the bottom of the glass window with goes down to the sidewalk.)

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