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What’s Wrong Wednesday: Disability statistics show little improvement

By February 17, 2016No Comments

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Disability statistics show little improvement in many measures for people with disabilities.  Here are some of the stark statistics contained in the compendium and annual report regarding the lack of progress people with disabilities have made based on some key indicators:

Labor Force Participation: There remains a huge gap of more than 40% between the labor force participation of people with disabilities (34.4%) and people without them (75.4

Median Earnings: People without disabilities have median earnings of $31,324 while people with disabilities have median earnings of only $21,232, nearly 1/3 less.

Poverty: People with disabilities live in poverty at twice the rate of people without them (28.1% vs. 13.3%). And the poverty level ranges greatly based on which state an individual with a disability lives in – from a low of 17.7% to an astounding high of 61.5%.

Health Indicators: 41.1% of people with disabilities are obese compared to only 25.2% of people without disabilities.

These statistics provide a concrete reminder that we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that we have the programs and policies in place that will enable people with disabilities to become economically self-sufficient and achieve middle class life styles.

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