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What’s Wrong Wednesday

What’s Wrong Wednesday: Blocked out by illegal parked motorist

By January 6, 2016No Comments

blocked accessible parking picture



A disabled woman was recently unable to enter her parked car because another vehicle illegally parked next to her.

According to the Cranston Police Department, several concerned citizens reported the indictment to authorities via Facebook. When police arrived at the scene, they ticketed the illegally parked motorist.

“The Cranston Police Department takes handicapped parking violations and access very seriously and we regularly assign officers specifically to monitor handicap parking in shopping centers across the city,” police wrote on Facebook Tuesday night. “We would like to thank those concerned citizens for bringing this to our attention.”

Police went on to note that they issued 9 handicap parking violations on Christmas Eve alone.

“(We will) continue to monitor businesses for these violations,” they said in the post. “If someone observes a vehicle parked in a handicap parking space without a handicap placard prominently displayed, they should contact us right away and we will dispatch a car. They should not approach an occupied vehicle and if they can take a photo of the vehicle in the spot and send to us via Facebook, we will follow up.”

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