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I was at Family Wellness working out yesterday,  and I watched a car pull into this accessible parking space.  Even from the workout area I could see that the driver was parking in the access aisle. I watched as the driver got out of her vehicle and retrieved a walker from the back seat.  It was obvious that the driver needed an accessible parking space.  But, she should have pulled into the other accessible parking space so that the driver’s door was facing the access aisle; then she could have retrieved her walker without compromising the access aisle. That’s why access aisles exist. Because the driver partially parked in the access aisle, someone who might use a vehicle with a wheelchair ramp would be unable to use the accessible parking space that is left of the vehicle.  People with disabilities get upset when people without disabilities misuse accessible parking spaces, but people with disabilities also have to use them correctly.

(image description: a car is parked in the access parking space and the access aisle next to the access aisle.)

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