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Picture of a young girl with leg braces swings from monkey bars on an inclusive playground. Photo credit:

The best opportunities are accessible to all. Photo credit:







At Freedom Resource Center, we recognize that accessibility benefits everyone.  Freedom Resource Center’s Freedom In Action events are held to provide opportunities to learn new skills, gain new knowledge through trainings, growing in social skills, and participating in community activities.  Some activities include learning how-to instructions for crafting a project, participating in book clubs, enjoying music sessions, and so much more. Freedom In Action not only helps to build skills for independent living, it fosters growth by providing opportunities to improve social skills and form lasting friendships. Freedom Resource Center also offers Independent Living Skills classes that provide participants with knowledge and skills to stay organized, self sufficient, and independent.  With classes being offered via Zoom, participants have access to take part in a class no matter where they reside.  Freedom has locations in Fargo, Jamestown, Lisbon, Wahpeton, in North Dakota and Fergus Falls Minnesota.  For more information about Freedom Resource Center’s services please call 1-800-450-0459.