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Muniba Mazari Baloch is a Pakistani artist, model, activist, motivational speaker and television host. She uses a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in a car accident at the age of 21 which makes her Pakistan’s first model who uses a wheelchair. She is also the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.  After the car accident, Muniba asked herself… What is going to happen to me? Why me? Why am I alive?

This is what she discovered.

We all try to chase this tunnel.  We all do this because we see light at the end of the tunnel, which keeps us going. For me there was a tunnel, but there was no light and that is where I realized that the words have the power to heal the soul.

When you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you. It all starts from within.  We have this amazing fantasy about life.  This is how things should work.  This is my plan, it should go as per my plan.  If that doesn’t happen, we give up.

I never wanted to be on the wheelchair, never thought of being on the wheelchair.  This life is a test and a trial, and tests are never supposed to be easy, so when you’re expecting ease from life, and life gives you lemons, then you make the lemonade, and then do not blame life for that.

It is okay to be scared, it is okay to cry. Everything is okay, but giving up should not be an option.  They always say that failure is not an option.  Failure should be an option, because when you fail, you get up, and then you fail, and then you get up, and that keeps you going.

Embrace each and every breath you are taking, celebrate your life, live it. Don’t die before your death. Real life resides in gratitude, so be grateful, be alive, and live every moment!

To watch A Story of Gratitude by Muniba Mazari (This video is all about Muniba Mazari Inspirational speech at BBC top 100 influential women across the globe, BBC 100 most influential women in the world ceremony.) (39 minutes)

To read Muniba Mazari – Courageous and hopeful in the face of disability:

(image description:  Muniba is sitting in her wheelchair with her arm resting on the frame of a picture she has painted.  Muniba has black long wavy hair, she is wearing a black cardigan sweater with a read blouse under the sweater.  The picture looks like a self portrait.)

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