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If talking openly means being willing to expose to others what is inside of us, then listening openly means being willing to expose ourselves to something new from others.  Social complexity requires us to talk not just with people who see things the same way we do, but especially with those who see things differently, even those we don’t like.  We must stretch way beyond our comfort zone. (Adam Kahane. Solving Tough Problems)

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you stretch your comfort zone and place a greater emphasis on listening and widening you inner circle.

PS: Remember to hold the ones you love just a little closer and tighter this week (without expectations)

(image descriptions: Stone Soup comic stip by Jan Eliot.  First frame shows a female standing in front of a younger male who is sitting in a chair with a television remote.  The young male says, “Hey mom, who’s more open-minded? Liberals or conservatives?”  The second frame shows the mom walking away saying, “most people are open-minded about ideas they already agree with.” The third frame shows the young male turning to face his mom and says, “what the heck good is that?!”)

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