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“It’s better to know some of the questions than all the answers.” (James Thurber)

A precept is, simply, a sort of motto to live by, or perhaps just a phrase to bring to mind throughout your life. It’s something that can help people figure out what type of person they are and can aid a person in their decisions.

I think the precept, “It’s better to know some of the questions than all the answers,” could apply in any situation where people’s heads get too big for their bodies. Or in other words, when they’re really cocky and confident. It also means that they should try to experience things for themselves. Personally I can’t take people’s advice, if I’m going to make a mistake, I’m going to make it myself. I have to make my own choices and figure out what the answers to my own questions are. To me it means two things. Basically that people should never get too full of themselves and they should recognize that they’re not perfect and that they don’t truly know everything. I also think it means that people shouldn’t always take other people’s word for experiences they should experience themselves. I think they should figure out the questions that they want answered before assuming they already know the answer. (amandajodowning. Young Writers Society)

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you check out your preconceived answers to someone else’s question.

PS: Remember to hold the ones you love just a little closer and tighter this week (without expectations).

(image description: a green slide that says, it’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.)

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