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When grief or pain comes knocking at our door, our tendency is to lock and bolt the door, saying, ‘Get out of here. You are not welcome.’ We resist the reality of grief when it appears.  Then we open the door slightly, not all the way, and inquire of our guest, “What is your message for me? What is it you are trying to saying to me?”  We can, therefore, decide if this is an acceptable time for the grief to come in. We can let in only a part of the grief if we are not ready for all of it at once.  We can, in effect, say, “I know you are here.  Welcome. Come in. I will show you to a room.  We can talk later. I’m not ready for you at the moment.” (Virginia Satire, family educator)

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you open your door and welcome and work with the losses you are experiencing.

PS: Remember to hold the ones you love just a little closer and tighter this week (without expectations)

(image description: a door is slightly open showing light from the opening.)

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