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Chuang Tzu shares a story about “a man who was so disturbed by the sight of his own shadow and so displeased with his own footsteps that he determined to get rid of both. The method he hit upon was to run away from them.

So he got up and ran. But every time he put his foot down there was another step, while his shadow kept up with him without the slightest difficulty.

He attributed his failure to the fact that he was not running fast enough. So he ran faster and faster, without stopping, until he finally dropped dead.

He failed to realize that if he merely stepped into the shade, his shadow would vanish, and if he sat down and stayed still, there would be no more footsteps.”  (Thomas Merton. The Way of Chuang Tzu)

Being still, even for brief periods of time, gives us the chance to listen to our inner voice, gain broader perspectives, and thus better serve ourselves as well as those we interact with; instead of running away or ignoring those thoughts and feelings we want to avoid.

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you take the time to pause, reflect, and work with the thoughts and feelings that make you uncomfortable.

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