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Making an important decision at the height of an emotional state – whether angry or ecstatic, frustrated or giddy – can lead to decisions you regret. Emotions are powerful. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but they always have the power to move you to action.

When emotions are uncomfortable – like fear or anger or frustration – the action you can feel most tempted to take is the one that will get rid of the emotion. Whether your emotions are brought on by the circumstances and events of your life, or by the manipulative behavior of a particular person in your life, take notice when you feel pressure to make an important decision in the midst of strong emotion. In fact, I invite you to do something different when you feel pressured by your emotions:


That’s right. Do absolutely nothing. Let yourself feel uncomfortable, afraid, angry, sad – and don’t make a decision or take an action. Just sit with the emotion. Embrace the idea that your emotions don’t have to rule. Instead, you can allow them to school you. What message might your emotions be sending you? What can you learn? And when would be a better time for you to make a decision or take action?

It is OK to be emotional. It’s natural. Just don’t let your emotions think for you. Slow down. Take a breath. Be wise.

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you slow down, take a breath, and make decisions when you are less emotional.

PS: Remember to hold the ones you love just a little closer and tighter this week (without expectations)

(image description: a brain is split in half, the left side of the brain has the word LOGIC. The right side of the brain has the colors orange, red, pink, blue splashing outward with the word Emotions.)

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