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As powerful as it is to shine a light for someone who’s ready to emerge, it is equally powerful to sit with them in the darkness until they’re ready.

In our own discomfort of feeling painful emotions, we try to help others not feel theirs. It’s difficult for us to see someone we love suffering, and naturally, our first impulse is to try to make it go away, whether it’s through reason, logic, distraction, faith or any other means. We feel helpless, so we desperately reach for what we know, what we’ve been taught, and what others have done to us in our own moments of suffering. The more powerful choice is to be with someone, accepting and embracing the painful moment as is, without trying to fix or make it better.  (Tree Franklyn)

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.” (Brené Brown)

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you sit in quiet support for someone who is living in darkness.

PS: Remember to hold the ones you love just a little closer and tighter this week (without expectations).

[image description: a white cat has it arm around a black cat sitting on a yellow crescent]

a white cat has it arm around a black cat sitting on a yellow crescent

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