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Employment Summit in Moorhead

A summit at the Clay County Family Service Center on employment opportunities for people with disabilities gives them a chance to discuss concerns they face when looking for work, and conditions in the workplace.

 Tawnya Taylor has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as “Brittle Bone Disease.”

 She works for the Freedom Resource Center, a group that pushes for equality for people with disabilities.

And she says they do a good job accommodating her needs.

 Taylor says, “They’re very flexible, which not a lot of companies will do for you. A few adaptations were needed in my office and they were very good at both getting it done and getting it so that I can function and use my office.”

The summit covered topics like workplace accessibility and benefits special needs people receive.

 Alyssa George of the Minnesota Disability Law Center says, “Going over employment, specifically with social security and how that works. If you want to return to work or obtain work for the 1st time and some of the barriers one might come into on that journey.”

JoAnn Sturmen works with seniors living at Eventide in Moorhead, and suffers from a bipolar disorder

She says coming to the session helped her as well.

 “I just learned that there’s different websites and stuff you can get on to learn more about working and your disability.” Sturman said.

 The session wasn’t just to find hopeful employees. Employers of people with disabilities were here as well. Giving the two sides a chance to network.

George says, “I’m hoping that it will be a start to exploring options and to reaching out to the various resources that we’re providing today.”

Taylor says, “It helps get rid of the stigma that if you have a disability, you’re less than a person.”

 For more information on disability employment you can go to the Minnesota Disability Center website, at

 C.J. Pierre

FOX News Reporter

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