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Photo of a man being carried by another man while a man in a wheelchair and another man look on. Photo credit:

The film Crip Camp is a documentary about Camp Jened, a place that became a utopia for people with disabilities. The love and inclusion felt by the campers helped to influence the disability rights movement nationwide. Photo credit:









The way in which we view our world depends on the lens we are looking through.  Someone with disabilities sees the world through a lens that is their own.  For someone without a disability, viewing the same background does not always translate into the same picture.  Those of us who have a disability have a vision of inclusion that is unique, but not entirely different than someone without a disability.  We want what you want.  We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and feel that we belong there.  Being different doesn’t mean that we don’t want the same things.  Getting there looks different through our lens.  There are barriers that still exist even 30 years after the American’s with Disabilities Act was signed into law.  Change takes time, as we all know.  This month is Developmental Disability Awareness month, as well as Brain Injury Awareness month.  At Freedom Resource Center we see the world with a wide lens and understand the barriers that exist.  We welcome the challenge and look forward to breaking them down together.