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A good meal can do more than provide us with nutrients. A good meal can make one forget about our problems and provide hope for tomorrow. Photo credit: Goodhousekeeping

Providing a meal is a small gesture that can brighten the holidays with one less thing to worry about. Freedom Resource Center would like to invite you our Holiday Meal To Go on Friday, December 10th, 2021. Contact Merri or Irina at 701-478-0459 to pre-register by December 1st and choose an open time between 11am and 4pm to pick up your Turkey Meal with all the trimmings. (Dietary modifications available upon request).

Our Fergus Falls location is also hosting a Holiday Meal To Go on December 20th with pick up window of 12pm-1pm. Beef pot-roast, vegetables, mashed potatoes/gravy, dinner roll and of course, pumpkin pie (Dietary modifications available upon request). Call Marie or Leigh at 218-998-1799 to pre-register by December 16th.

This time of year can be especially difficult alone. If you know someone who could use some company and a good meal, let us know you are sharing with a friend and we’ll provide you with an additional meal. We are thankful for our generous donors who make events like the Holiday Meal possible. For more information please visit us at