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Based in Long Island City, Luv Michael’s makes gluten free, nut free, dairy free organic granola.  Their mission is to provide meaningful employment for young adults with autism.

Volunteers work for three consecutive weeks so staff can gauge their commitment, interest and skill set. After that period, and if all goes well, Luv Michael offers the volunteer a full-time, paid job.

The business was started by Lisa Liberatore and husband, Dimitri Kessaris, for their son, Michael, who has autism and also loves to cook. Luv Michael now employs six workers and sells granola in more than 60 stores on the East Coast.

To read about and watch the story about Sam Antar, who was offered a full-time paid position as a “granologist” at Luv Michael’s,

Luv Michael’s information can be found on Facebook at

(image description, Sam Antar is in a kitchen wearing a white apron with blue latex gloves pouring  puffed mill from a bag into a red bowl.  The kitchen counter is filled with silver mixing bowls.  You can see parts of two individuals behind Sam.)

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