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Her name is Tiphany Adams and she is one of the stars on Sundance Channel’s critically acclaimed docu-series Push Girls. Thirteen years ago she was a passenger in a car that was hit by a drunk driver. As a result she ended up with a spinal cord injury. Tiphany uses a wheelchair and most people would say she has a “disability.” Tiphany doesn’t see it that way. Tiphany focuses on her abilities and today she is a reality television personality, actress, model and speaker.

Tiphany has developed the TIPHANY ADAMS ABILITY AWARENESS PROJECT to visit students in schools all over the country and help young people learn to shine a light on ABILITY – not disability. The program starts with her using a wheelchair and then shifts to talk about how disability can happen to anyone, what life is like with a disability, and the amazing things that people with disabilities achieve. From there the discussion always grows to talking about how ALL people are oth DIFFERENT and SPECIAL with their own UNIQUE ABILITIES.

Tiphany’s Story

October 15, 2000 was a day that changed my life forever. I was 17 years old and a senior in high school. Like most teenagers I was just trying to figure out life. That day I was involved in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. All were pronounced dead at the scene, including myself. The accident caused the tragic loss of three bright, promising, young lives. I survived and spent the next three weeks in a coma, fighting for my life. 

When I awoke I knew I was alive for a reason. I acquired a spinal cord injury that I now live with every day. That day was a day of great loss, but for me it was also a catalyst to do something important in the world.”

The Tiphany Adams Ability Awareness Project

Tiphany’s school presentations are designed to be as REAL as possible for the students.  She works in an age-appropriate way to engage with them and talk about the impact of the accident and the drinking that caused it.

Tiphany breaks down the myths of disability by showing kids how she can move in and out of my wheelchair, how she drives a fun vehicle (she has been know to bring either a Mustang or Silverado with hand controls) and how she even has a wheelchair that allow her to stand up and “stand out!”

In addition to ability awareness, the presentation addresses “SERIOUS topics” including real life disability questions (kids need to know life goes on and can be fun and fulfilling when you acquire or are born with a disability), the impact of drugs and alcohol, and addiction.

The presentation also talks about FUN stuff like what it’s REALLY like to be on reality television, plus film and fashion, red carpets, TV interviews, hair and makeup, and much much more.

What is MOST IMPORTANT is that the presentation always spend time talking about SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Learning to CELEBRATE who we are as individuals as we grow up and FOLLOW OUR DREAMS.

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