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Can’t is often the easy choice, the one with less work involved. CAN requires initiative, drive and commitment – scary things for most people. Can’t is safe, Can is risky. Only you know if you CAN or if you WON’T.  Sure, there are definitely times when something cannot be done. But most of the time, can’t is not the reason why. (I am not unaware that there really are things that cannot be done, but that’s not what this is about – this about things that can be done, but someone chooses not to.)

All too often when someone says “I can’t” what they really mean is “That scares me”, “I’m afraid to try”, “I don’t want to” or any other number of excuses. But they say “can’t” instead. Maybe they just don’t want to admit the truth.

For those of with mobility issues that tend to hold us back from things, I challenge us to shed our “I can’ts.” Most of us have them, even if we never say the words “I can’t.”  Stephanie Arrache, who has a mobility disability, is learning to change the “I can’ts” of paralysis into “Maybe I can, if I just do it differently and am proud of what I CAN do!”

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