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“Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate.” (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Life has the opportunity to take us in many different directions.  We don’t have one Road that we have to take, regardless of what has happened to us or not happened to us.  Many people prefer to stay in their current lifestyle even when they are not happy with it, instead of venturing out into the unknown.  Image a new journey, a new road, a secret gate that opens too many different opportunities.  We won’t know, until we open ourselves to different roads, different doors, taking a turn in a direction we may normally avoid, and then discovering our secret gate.  The road can go on and on.  From this life into our next.  It’s all about opening ourselves to a life beyond what we are experiencing in this life, our life.

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Technologies, discovered that apart from his work, he had little joy in his life.  He became accustomed to his wealth, and as he was lying in his hospital bed facing his imminent death, remembering all of his life, he came to recognize that all the accolades and riches he had accumulated, were insignificant.  Jobs advice: “Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. Move to where you want to go.  Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve, Everything is in your heart and in your hands.”

At the end of the day, when we face the end of our life, what will we look back at?  What corners did we avoid? What roads did we not take? Did we discover our secret gate?

Wishing you peace and wellbeing as you open yourself the new corners and new roads.

PS: Remember to hold the ones you love just a little closer and tighter this week (without expectations)

(image description: a round door is open to a road that weaves through the green countryside to a mountain. In front of the open door is a wooden door on a brown rug)










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