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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).  During the month of October, Freedom Friday will highlight “Business Strategies that Work.”

The disability community represents the third largest market segment in the United States (54 million strong).  By identifying, adopting, and refining effective and meaningful employment practices that welcome people with disabilities, you too can benefit from having a vibrant, diverse workforce.

To hire and keep the best, it is important for businesses to review their personnel processes, qualification standards, and job descriptions (including the essential functions of each position) to determine whether they facilitate or impede the hiring and advancement of qualified persons with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities.   A few examples include:

  • Adopting a hiring/promotion policy that includes disability among the positive selection factors or that provides priority consideration to qualified individuals with disabilities.
  • Job announcements that the company encourages applications by qualified individuals with disabilities.
  • Providing training to executives, managers, and line staff about strategies such as workforce flexibility, including customized employment around job tasks (job restructuring, job sharing, and job creation).
  • Participating in internship, mentorship, and hiring programs for students and recent graduates with disabilities.

Next Friday, Freedom Friday will look at reasonable accommodation’s to ensure productivity.

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