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When an 11-year-old boy (Brady Green) with Down syndrome was told he would not be able to attend middle school with his friends in the fall, his classmates went to bat for him.

Kids who an individualized education program (IEP) in Fort Collins, Colorado are funneled to a different middle school, where they are so segregated from the other students that they have a separate hall.

Brady Green’s classmates went to a school board meeting to speak about why the boy should attend Blevins Middle School with them in September. Six fifth-graders from Brady’s elementary school in Fort Collins, Colorado, took to the podium to speak about how he has enriched their lives.

“He lights up the room whenever he’s around, he helps people when they’re down and he makes us laugh. To me, it seems unfair,” Brady’s friend Ella said last month. “If we are allowed to choose what middle school we go to, why isn’t Brady allowed to? Just because he has a disability does not mean he is different than us.”

Others agreed.

The board meeting took place in mid-April and the final decision about Brady’s placement was made two weeks later by the principal of Blevins.  Ultimately, the decision came down in Brady’s favor and he will attend Blevins come September.

To see the story and read the complete article:–abc-news-parenting.html?cid=abcn_fb


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