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Making progress in disability awareness

“You can be disabled and can certainly be employed,” Scharn said. “Self-determination and self-worth are part of that. When you have a job and are giving back to community, that can really help with self-esteem.” (Read More.)

Hiring People with Disabilities: What you can Do

Unemployment for people with disabilities hit 18 percent in September, about twice the national unemployment rate. We all have work to do.

Whether you are a business owner looking to add staff (did you know about tax benefits from hiring veterans and people with disabilities?), a school looking to educate, or an individual who wants to start her own business, we all can benefit from adding people who want a career — an identity. Isn’t it always our first question when we meet someone new, “What do you do?” (Read More.)

Judith spreads independent living gospel

“INDEPENDENT living is one of the driving forces behind my work,” declared disability rights activist Judith Heumann when she visited the Offaly Centre for Independent Living recently.

Ms Heumann is co-founder of the Centre for Independent Living Movement and she explained, “We know individually as disabled people we have experienced being laughed at and what it is like to try to remove barriers to get into society and to make the contribution we know we can.” (Read More.)


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