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November 24, 2021 in #freedomresourcecenter, #helpsomeone, Events

Holiday Meal To Go

A good meal can do more than provide us with nutrients. A good meal can make one forget about our problems and provide hope for tomorrow. Photo credit: Goodhousekeeping Providing…
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October 13, 2021 in Uncategorized

Freedom Resource Center Presents People’s Choice Awards

Mark Lindquist. Photo credit: At Freedom Resource Center we talk about inclusive communities and the ongoing commitment this takes. When businesses, community members, and service providers all come together…
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October 6, 2021 in Uncategorized

Employment, a Bridge to the Community

Being employed not only provides financial piece-of-mind, it is a bridge to the community. Photo credit: There is a saying that goes "It's hard to find good help." There…
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August 27, 2021 in Events

EVENT: People’s Choice Awards – Featuring Mark Lindquist “Passion! 8 Steps to Reignite Yours”

Freedom Resource Center invites you to join us for our special virtual ceremony, “People’s Choice Awards,” featuring Mark J. Lindquist! We will be honoring our great volunteers, people who stand…
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April 22, 2021 in #freedomresourcecenter, #zerobarriers, Volunteer Opportunities

Being a Mentor is Like Being a Bridge

The week of April 18-24 we are celebrating Volunteer Appreciating Week. Peer mentors are volunteers who have valuable personal experiences to guide someone with disabilities on their unique path to…
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April 14, 2021 in #zerobarriers

Life After Diagnosis

When Dan Holte was just 58 years old he was sidelined from his job as a barber with a myasthenia gravis diagnosis. Getting that news was not easy, nor was…
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