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Peer mentors Shelby Wolter and Brooke Bladow walking next to each other. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center

The week of April 18-24 we are celebrating Volunteer Appreciating Week. Peer mentors are volunteers who have valuable personal experiences to guide someone with disabilities on their unique path to independence. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center










When we are going anywhere in life we have a path that brings us there.  There are times when our path changes without warning, leaving us wondering where to go.  Having a disability changes our path to where we want to go, but it doesn’t stop.  When Shelby Wolter met with Joyce, Independent Living Advocate at Freedom Resource Center, Shelby was matched with a peer mentor.  “She helped me to not be so anxious and was really a calming presence.  I was trying to get on Social Security and find a job, and she really helped to take the stress off of my mind.”-Peer Mentor Shelby Wolter.  As time passed Shelby was asked if she would like to be a peer mentor herself, and help others with disabilities to find their path to independence.  “It is one of the most rewarding things you can do from my experience.  You are like a bridge for others and you will be supported by other mentors who have more experience. You can always ask Freedom if you have any questions.”

For more information about Freedom Resource Center’s Peer Mentoring Program please call us at 1-800-450-0459.