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Sometimes it just takes a bit of help and that’s what Freedom Resource Center is here for. Something Jean learned when she had a goal of moving into her own apartment after a medical condition forced her into an assisted living facility.
She worked with one of Freedom Resource Center’s independent living advocates to make it all happen, but it didn’t come without its hurdles. After working together to hire a moving company, pack everything up, and get the keys to move into her new place, Jean lost the apartment unexpectedly. Suddenly she was without a bed, with all her belongings sitting on a moving truck. But, instead of getting frustrated in that moment – Jean chose to advocate for herself. With the help of her advocate, she was able to get her items stored overnight, find a hotel for the night and woke up the next day to find herself a new, even better apartment!
You can help someone like Jean this Giving Hearts Day. Donate to Freedom Resource Center on February 11th at With your help, we can continue to for those we serve.