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#zerobarriersFreedom Friday

Freedom Friday: Accessibility and Inclusion

By April 1, 2016No Comments

Kelli Sem, who has cerebral palsy and gets around in a motorized wheelchair. David Samson / The Forum








Most likely, disability isn’t even on your radar; but every 10 minutes, 498 Americans becomes a person with a disability.  One in five people (20% of the U.S. population) is a person with a disability.  Twenty million families in the United States have at least one member with a disability.

Disabilities may be associated with: Hearing, Mobility, Cognition, Vision, Speech/Communication, Learning, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Health/Emotional Conditions, or Chronic Health Conditions.  In others words, it is a natural part of life; and yet, people with disabilities are challenged by inaccessible places that don’t accommodate different needs and attitudes that don’t see the potential that exist with every person that has a disability.

Accessibility isn’t just for people who identify as having a permanent disability – it’s also for those with mobility challenges, temporary injuries and parents using strollers. Accessibility benefits everyone at some point in their lives.

Inclusion isn’t just about tolerating differences — it’s about making sure our attitudes don’t limit the potential of other people. Everyone deserves an equal chance to be included.

Whether you have a disability or not, you can help change the conversation by choosing to see the potential in people, no matter what their difference.


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