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This message is not a story about a dog. It’s about you and I.

If you read this and feel the urge to write and tell me about your dog, then you missed the point. My dog Ricky is old. He can’t do what he used to do. Not that he has forgotten, he just doesn’t have the interest.

I carry him down the stairs now. It’s easier that way because he stands at the top of the stairs and looks down. Sometimes he takes one step and with my urging, another.

It’s not that he’s forgotten how to walk down the steps. He just doesn’t think he can now. Stairs that were once a quick and easy exit to the yard now appear to be an impossible dream.

He walks up the stairs. He does it with great hesitation. I watch him from behind because sometimes he stops in the middle and can’t get started again.

Sometimes, before he takes the first step up, he rocks back and forth making the motion of forward progress over and over.

Now, stop thinking that this is a message about my dog.

Go back and read the first part again and substitute your name for Ricky’s.

If you’re feeling old, stop it.

If you think you can’t do what you used to do, you are wrong. You might not do certain things because of physical limitations but you can do other things or variations of those things.

Do you have friends and family urging you to take the next step but you hesitate?

Are there people babying you because they think that helps? Perhaps what you need is to begin on your own again instead of having someone carry you through this challenging point in life.

Do you see the path ahead as a way to get out of this situation or as a barrier? Have you started in the right direction and then part way hesitated and couldn’t get started again?

Do you find yourself at the beginning simply going through the motions but afraid to take that step?

Ricky knows all of the things he needs to do this. He’s done it all of his life. Suddenly his vision of what’s ahead isn’t clear and he is afraid.

He’s a helpless animal.

I am his owner.

I will do what I have to do to make his life easier. But you and I are NOT helpless. We know what we need to do. No matter what your age there is a level of success and plenty of happiness waiting for you.

Stop standing at the bottom looking up.

Take one step and another.

As humans, we have the ability to overcome our circumstances and become more than we ever thought possible.

We have the ability to make the very best out of the situation or to quit.

You are not a dog and your owner isn’t coming to carry you.

He does, however, have very high expectations that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Now, isn’t it time you start living your life again?

Good girl!

Good boy!

This was NOT about a dog.

Bob Perks

Bob Perks is an inspirational author/speaker.

You can receive his messages sent 2-3 times each week by visiting his website:

“I Wish You enough!”

© 2001 Bob Perks

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

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