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Health care gap left with demise of long-term care plan

“She did a lot of good saving. But because she did good, it disqualifies her from some kinds of public assistance,” said the son. “When you are only 58 and looking at hopefully living another 20 or 25 years, it’s scary to think the money just won’t last.” (Read More.)

Friends Aware focuses on abilities, not disabilities

Within the past year, Mike Maupin, a 37-year-old Cumberland resident who has an intellectual disability, gained full-time employment and moved into his very own apartment unit. (Read More.)

A common goal

At 27 years old, William Barrow became the youngest member of the local DAV nearly three years ago. He was awarded many medals while serving in the Army, including the Commendation medal, Good Conduct medal and four Team medals, but his service in Iraq left him with posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

Once Barrow returned home from service, his father referred him to DAV, where he is also a member. Despite his service-related injuries, Barrow stays involved with his softball team and other sports. (Read More.)

29 years old and hearing myself for the first time (VIDEO)

Hearing for the first time


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